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Would you like to display your own icon on the browser address bar and browser tabs when visitors view your web pages?

Now you can use this FREE tool to make your very own FavIcon from a Picture or image. Use this Free web tool to create a still favicon from almost any regular images.

FavIcon on Internet Explorer's Favorites menu and the address bar.
FavIcon on the address bar and page tabs of Firefox and Mozilla-based browsers.
FavIcon on the address bar of Safari (Mac OS X and Windows).
Here is a sample Favicon that we use here at

Lets try using it with your company logo or other image you may have handy. It is really easy to create icons for your web pages with this FREE FavIcon from Pictures tool. Simply select a picture, logo or other graphic (of any size/resolution) for the "Source Image" and click "Generate FavIcon"


Free FavIcon Creation Tool

Upload a .jpg file to convert it to a favicon!
Choose a file to upload:

to add this favicon to your web site:

  • Right Click the image displayed "Save Image as" and name the file favicon.ico .
  • Upload the favicon.ico file to the folder on your web site where you have the web page (Your main folder like Public_html).
  • Add the following HTML tag to your web page after the <head> tag, before the </head> tag:
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" >

That's it! You've just added a favicon to your site.

*We do not sell Placement in Search engines or Pagerank links.  We do not guarantee you will be number 1 in Google or Yahoo by selling you "Sponsored" Links.  We assist clients in developing organic ranking based on content of their website and target market.

What is an organic listing?

or natural 'listings' refers the non-paid section of Google, Yahoo or MSN. For long term promotion, organic optimization offers 'best' return on investment as well as 'top Internet' status. There is simply no higher place to be but at the top of Google (MSN,Yahoo) solely based on the value and integrity of your website!... Here are some facts to consider:

87% of referrals come from organic search results. Not Paid! (Jupiter Research)
Visitors are free - No cost per click!
Higher trust in natural listings
Organic listings are permanent
Ongoing ranking improvements
More traffic, more sales
Best ROI

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